Financial Literacy

Educating people about the inner workings of
mortgages, loans, credit, and budgeting.

The Financial Literacy project was created to help people with their personal finances. To many people finance is scary. There are a lot of numbers and a lot of terms that very few people have heard of. As a result, people would rather entrust their finances to someone else rather than to have to deal with them on their own.

The Enactus team's goal is to teach people the inner workings of things like mortgages, loans, and credit work, and how easy budgeting can be when planning for the future.

The Smart Student Series (SSS) is a collection of workshops held throughout the academic year to educate students about their financial potential.

Enactus members are passionate about empowering other students through finances. We are always looking for more ways to connect and inspire.

By pairing up with P's&Q's consulting, we were able to facilitate workshops across northern Alberta, which help educate First Nations people about their business' potentials.

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